Public Relations Society or America Northeast District

Annual Conference

2020 Road Map: Directions for a New Decade

Each year, the PRSA Northeast District brings together about 200 communications professionals from across the northeastern United States for a one-day conference exploring the newest technologies and practices to emerge in the field of public relations. This will be a power-packed day of innovation, collaboration, networking, and learning. Participants will represent emerging companies, higher education, nonprofits, cause-driven organizations, and consumer brands. They'll range from executive-ranked officers to mid-level managers to early careerists and will come from agencies and organizations of all sizes. 

This year we're headed to Portsmouth, N.H., home of the Yankee Chapter. The day-long conference will feature presentations on the newest and coolest tools of the trade to make all PR professionals' -- corporate, non-profit, agency and sole practitioners -- jobs a little easier and a lot more exciting.